Your Privacy is Important.

At LavvTekk, we believe that privacy is an important basic human right. We value your privacy and will always take measures to safeguard your privacy within our products. Find out more about how we protect your privacy below.

For more detailed information, you can download the full LavvTekk Privacy Policy found on this page.

Privacy is Important


Your personal information remains personal.

LavvTekk currently does not collect any type of personal information through any of our services or apps. Should this change in the future, rest assured that LavvTekk will do everything needed so that your information is never shared or abused in any way.

When you game, your data is protected.

LavvTekk collects information such as: user name and scores within any games we may make available. The purpose for collecting said information is to post on our game leaderboards within Game CenterĀ®. This being said, the information collected is sent directly to, and stored only within Game Center and is never sent to any outside parties, including our own servers.



When you contact us, we make sure your data is safe.

When you provide feedback, have a concern, or otherwise contact LavvTekk for any reason, we collect and may store some information you provide such as: name, email address, and content of your message. Know that we take all necessary measures to ensure no one else gets your data. You can rest assured that you will never receive spam mail from LavvTekk.

Knowing is half the battle.

Our Privacy Policy can and will be subject to change at the sole discretion of LavvTekk, as well as to ensure compliance with laws in territories where we make our apps and services available. LavvTekk is not obligated to inform you of such changes unless they are substantial, but may do so for your knowledge and peace of mind.

We have made our privacy policy available as a downloadable document as well for the purpose of convenience.

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